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Clients often wish to start things off by meeting with us for coffee at our Show Unit in Bowness. This allows you to get a real feel for our product.

We are excited to hear about your plans for your new or remodeled home.

Tell us what you want and we will work with our designers to put together a rough sketch of your dream home or renovation.

This is just the beginning of the relationship! You have no obligation to work with us until we both agree on the right price and you have approved our intial designs. If we cannot meet your needs after several initial meetings that’s okay! We do not expect anything from potential clients during this time period. Once we have agreed to move forward on a final design, total price, and time frame, a contract is signed, initial payment is made, and the work begins.

Morcor works with clients though check points. Once a level of work is completed another payment is made. We do not progress to the next check point until you are completely satisfied with what is already completed. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver to our clients a superior product for a superior price: On budget and on time. The relationships we have made over the years with our trades, suppliers, and in house teams give us a competitive advantage to succeed in this. Give us a call today at let’s build something beautiful!


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